Third World Debt - Social Credit

August 2013

The world is still in recession mode. Many countries around the world have managed to negate their debt defaults by quantitative easing (QE). These countries include America, Britain and Japan. Austerity measures are in full swing in most countries. Europe still struggling. China now slowing down economically. Countries dependant on China’s manufacturing needs of minerals, such as coal and iron ore, are also declining. Australia is one such country and now must face the harsh reality of the world economic woes brought on by debt.

The world is slowly suffocating with debt. People around the world are still dying from this debt induced poverty and it is not getting better. The quality of life for many people is getting worse especially for the elderly, sick and the unemployed/under employed. The bills are mounting and they have no ability to pay them. They will have to go with out or cut back drastically, heating and food are amongst these things. Mortgage payments, rent and other loans are not kept up to date. Cars and other purchasers are repossessed and homes are lost to the banks. It is a growing problem that will not go away. This is the bitter reality of financing our money supply from the present banking institutions.

 There is a better way. It is called Social Credit. The people of the world need to know this. This massive debt can be removed and it should be. The world can be a better place, it just needs education. Please spread this vital information.


November 2011

How long can the world economy run like this? It has absolutely no chance of paying its debts accumulated and even if it could, there would be no money left for the world economies to run. The prospect of even servicing these debts is increasingly getting harder and harder in every country. The debt just gets bigger and bigger and eventually as it must, one nation after another will collapse.
The debt burden in Europe now threatens to break it apart and if it does it will throw massive shock waves to the world’s financial system. Forget about a double dip recession, a world depression is now on the cards.
Stimulus packages are no longer an option in most nations. Tough Austerity measures are now beginning to be forced on the nations of the world. We are trapped in a debt spiral, a massive black hole we cannot escape from. Expect massive unemployment, record bankruptcies, higher taxes and less government spending, rising homelessness and even food shortages. Yes, the money supply is running out !
The Great Depression of the 1930’s will look like a picnic against the one we are about to enter. Real Monetary Reform is badly needed now, to avert the one coming our way. Don’t wait for our politicians to do something about it, the past action of these people have contributed greatly to it.
It is up to us now to push for real monetary reform using social credit or similar ideas to remove debt and run a stable financial system that works for everyone.
 Get involved, share this site with others. The people need to see this information, they need to see the real reason of why we are in so much debt. We need to scream at our incompetent politicians to force them to make some positive changes in monetary reform. The banks have had their way and now it’s time to fight back. There is a solution to all this and we need to make it happen. We can not afford the alterative.

November 2010

The stimulus packages around the world are starting to run out. The IMF is now putting pressure on the worlds economies to reduce their debts and deficits. The only way they can attempt to do this is by taxing their people more or by spending less on government services. This of course will reduce the money supply and undermine any good the stimulus packages did in the first place.

In Europe, countries worst affected by the global recession are starting to go bankrupt.  One by one they are starting to fall. Financial aid from the European Union and even the Monetary Fund is holding these countries from  bankruptcy.  Europe as a whole is now weakened even more by these individual nations. The dominoes are starting to tumble.  America on the other hand is continuing to borrow more money to buy it's way out of the recession. They have no hope in paying this money back. It's only a matter of time before the obvious will happen, you can't keep borrowing money for ever.

The rest of the world is not much better. We are at the mercy of the banks. The world will continue to go bankrupt if the international bank's let it happen. One world currency is not far away. The world badly needs Social Credit, It is our only hope.



April 2010

What has changed since the last post?

Governments around the world have set up economic stimulus packages to help keep their economies going. While it is true that it has prevented the world economy from going into a depression it must be considered a temporary solution only. Why! These stimulus packages have come at a great cost.

This money has been borrowed and must be repaid back. The citizens of each country will have to face higher taxes to maintain the extra costs from these new stimulus loans. When this happens the money supply will reduce significtly (The money supply increased by these stimulus packages will run out unless further stimulus packages are received. Obviously we cannot keep going down this track.

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